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About Us

Helping businesses align their goals and values with their employees'​ vision of an exceptional place to work and grow... 

JoyBiz™ Consulting offers program development, project management, administrative, and advisory services to business owners, human resource, and learning and development leaders who want to build or sustain a joyful work environment. We also provide support to these leaders who are struggling to meet their basic Human Resource services and Learning and Develoment needs, so that they too may experience joy at work.    


Want to improve employee morale and retention?



Human Resource Policies and Practice

JoyBiz™ will carefully and respectfully anlayze your current HR policies and practice. We will get to know you and your employees and will offer solutions for alignment with your new employee-centric values and goals. 

Want to increase employee engagement levels?



Learning and Development 

JoyBiz™ will identify opportunities to improve your employees' learning experience. Then will customize L&D programs designed to increase employee engagement. We will take this further by providing your managers with the tools needed to support the growth and development of your employees.

You need a little JoyBiz in your life.

Why is Workplace Joy so important?


JoyBiz™  helps businesses to establish or sustain a culture where employees experience a state of being joyful at work. A joyful work life is experienced when employees are heard, engaged, and recognized. Management styles, learning or development opportunities, and human resource policies and practices all contribute to the level of joy an employee may experience at work. This could be the difference between an employee who is withdrawn and disengaged to one who is eager and engaged.  

Joy is not exactly Fun...


Joy should not be confused with fun.  Fun is immediate and short-lived. Joy cannot be bought or manufactured. Joy is developed and nurtured over time until it reaches a sustained state.   

Workplace Joy is Good for Business


Employees who experience sustained workplace joy are those whose contributions hold the most value to an organization. The organization that recognizes this takes steps to create a work environment which makes it possible for all employees to reach a joyful state.  


Your Pain Resolved

Want someone to listen to you, ask questions, understand your pain?   JoyBiz™ will do this for you ... and then will design and implement a solution that will move your business forward with engaged, committed, joyful employees as partners on your journey.

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