Some things you may want to know...

Do you have a minimum service charge?

Yes, we have four areas of service. Each area has a minimum fee. After your first FREE "Getting to know you and your pain" meeting(s), we will provide you with a quote to include the minimum and the extended project price. The minimum will vary based on the scope of your project. 

Administrative Support services have a $200 min fee. 

Will you work out of your office or mine?

If you have an office or facility, we are happy to provide services onsite. This would be especially helpful if we were to review your policies and procedures, in addition to observing your practices. Please refer to the Service Area tab for more information.

Do you work only with the leaders of organizations?

No, in order to obtain the best information, and depending on the scope of the project, we may need access to your employees. Interviews, surveys, trainings, facilitations, are all important parts of developing an employee-centric culture. Building trust only comes with getting to know people and understanding their expectation of a joyful workplace.

What if I want to implement the program or changes myself?

Our Advisory Service allows us to provide you with either a single or multi-phase plan detailing recommendations for you or your team to implement within your organization. We are also available for follow-up advisory sessions to make sure you are comfortable with your progress or to recommend adjustments along the way.  

What are your payment terms?

Minimum due at initial work meeting.  

Extended projects are billed monthly and due within 30 days.