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Fawn Bonfanti, Principal and Consultant

Fawn holds a SHRM-CP certification in human resource management. Additionally, she has earned a master's degree in business education complimented by a certificate in learning and development. She has completed a comprehensive paralegal program which includes an understanding of workplace and business law, and professional responsibility. She has pursued additional training in the area of employee law and holds a particular interest and knowledge on the topic of business ethics. 


Journey to Joy

With over 30 years of professional experience Fawn has worked for large public companies to small privately held companies. Fawn has also owned and operated her own micro-business. She has been employed as an accountant, a teacher, a purchasing manager, a training and development manager, and a project manager. Fawn has initiated change in human resource policies to better align every day practice with employee-centric values and has designed and managed programs in process improvement, employee development, and strategic planning.


Why Employee Relations?

As her career evolved, Fawn began to take note of the employee/employer relationship and how the strength of this relationship has much to do with the success of a business, including the professional and personal well-being of its employees. Understanding the importance of an employee-centric culture, Fawn is committed to helping businesses align their values and goals with their employees' vision of an exceptional place to work and grow.